Mercedes Benz O403 Bus Mod

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Mercedes Benz O403 bus mode for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator games.


Mercedes Benz O403 bus mode for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator games.
The mode supports both DirectX 11 and OpenGL.


Compatibility update for 1.42
Mod can be used with Novo now to let you make convoy with 2 buses.

Fixed glare in mirrors.
Online Skin Maker adaptation has been completed.

Compatibility update for 1.41

Compatibility update for 1.40

Engine sound has been renewed. The V8 sound has been set as the exhaust sound.
Retarder sound added.
Gear sounds have been added.
Brake sounds have been added.
Horn and air horn have been added.

Compatibility update for 1.39

Retarder sound has been updated.

Terminal mod compatibility update.

The horn has been added.





5 reviews for Mercedes Benz O403 Bus Mod

  1. John Reasonmill (verified owner)

    An awesome bus mod! 10+ of 10! You can’t go wrong when buying this. Customizing options are numerous, really plenty of options. The physics and driving performance is very good, pleasant and “bus-like”, as are the sounds too. AND you get a “painting program” or something to help in making your own custom skins, but sorry I haven’t tested that one yet. I have logged about 5-6 hours with Mercedes O403 when writing this, but my total bus driving hours in the ETS2 is around 2500. A recommended mod.

  2. Umut YILDIZ (verified owner)

    Ürünü satın aldım, ETS2 için olan scs dosyasını ve lisans dosyasını mod klasörüne atıp oyun içinde aktif ettim ancak hiç bir galeride otobüs çıkmıyor, ne yapmam gerekiyor? Terminal modu da almıştım onda böyle bir sorun olmamıştı. Sürüm 1.38.

  3. HeikoH (verified owner)

    Yesterday I bought this Bus and I found a little Mistake. If it is raining and I open the Window at the left Side of the Driver, there are still the Raindrops visible. And I have a Question: how do I open the Door for Exit (the 2nd Door)?

    • deTbiT

      You can open the door with right window button. I will check raining problem for next update.

  4. hladi nicolae (verified owner)

    does not work … I have tried in all ways I have activated the licenses nothing. the stations do not work. I have all the dlc from europe nothing. is a broke file. i put all the file in mod … i activated all dlc plus licenses nothing the game closes or doesn’t work like in bus mode. DON’T BUY IT’S NOT WORTH IT

  5. Mihai Cazacu (verified owner)

    Wasted my money for nothing. I have the 1.39 version and it doesn’t even show up in my game.

    • deTbiT

      It’s because of you didn’t get your license file. If you were read on the site or watched my videos you could play it without any problem.

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