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For American Truck Simulator creates “Bus Companies” by adding bus stations to cities for the game.


For American Truck Simulator creates “Bus Companies” by adding bus stations to cities for the game. It also provides AI buses in and out of bus stations, providing more realistic gameplay.

You can get your job from the “Load Market” menu by selecting the appropriate ghost dorse for your vehicle. Compatible with the original SCS map. You can activate the terminals on these maps by using the plugin mode suitable for official map DLC. For different buses, you can get 10 different ghost trailers as personal dorse. If the bus you are using is convenient, you can also get a job from the “Work Free” menu.

The update of this mod has been stopped as of version 1.42!

It is 100% compatible with Bus/Minibus Mods made by deTbiT.


Compatibility update for 1.42

Compatibility update for 1.41

Nevada DLC cities has been integrated to terminal mod.

Compatibility update for 1.40

Arizona DLC cities has been integrated to terminal mod.

Fixed invisible wall infront of Santa Maria bus station.



6 reviews for deTbiT Terminal Mod ATS

  1. Engels4711 (verified owner)

    What is it. Bought and paid for the program for ETS and ATS today. I have now downloaded the version that is offered with the Mercedes. Either files are missing or it has to be updated. I created a new game but all versions of the game crash. But it doesn’t work like that, if I paid for something it should work. Also does not work with incompatible mods conversion

    • deTbiT

      As I wrote on the email, you need to download your license file and activate it on mod manager. If you can’t solve the problem, reach me via discord. I will be able after 3-4 hours later for conversation.

  2. Shanell hill (verified owner)

    its not letting me download the license

    • deTbiT

      You can download it from account/order page. Click “view” button near your order and you will find the download license button in your order.

  3. Mike Cohen (verified owner)

    Hi deTbiT! Amazing mods. I’m glad I purchased. Seems to work okay. I’m only having trouble picking the correct trailer.

    Is type A = largest, type J = smallest
    type A = smallest, type J = largest?

    The reason I ask is that the size information for all trailers says the same thing.
    (Size info is in the popup, when you hover the mouse over the trailer, in the trailer purchase window.)

    • deTbiT

      Hi Mike,

      You should try one by one to select best one for your bus. You can use g_colbox_1 in your console to see collisions. If you check with top wiev (camera 3) you can see if it’s fit for your bus. Best trailer is the most close wheels to behind the bus. Because of cargo capacity settings, all of them seems as same size on information popup. If you have any questions you can also use our discord channel for faster response.

  4. Mike Cohen (verified owner)

    Thank you for the tips! I will try that. For a moment I thought maybe the trailer “type” wasn’t size, but in fact something else, like average job distance. But you answered both questions with that info. Thank you.

    Side question: Are you currently working on the other states? NM, OR, WA, ID, CO, WY, etc… It would be amazing if I could take a long cross country trip.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Mike Cohen (verified owner)

    Hey deTbiT, I found a CTD (Crash To Desktop) to fix. When driving through Phoenix, the game crashes. I tested this with no other mods, only the bus terminal mod. But no bus mod was added for the test (because that might be the source), I drove through Phoenix with a default truck, no trailer. This way, only your mod is being tested.

    This is my load order in the mod manager:

    deTbiT Bus Terminal ATS – License
    deTbiT Bus Terminal ATS – Arizona
    deTbiT Bus Terminal ATS – Nevada
    deTbiT Bus Terminal ATS – Base

    The problem seems related to your Arizona module. I was driving East on I-10. As soon as it started loading objects in Phoenix, the game crashes. I also tested approaching Phoenix with the fly cam very quickly so I can see what is loading. As soon as it tried to load the bus terminal in Phoenix, crash. Then, I removed only the Arizona module and tested again, driving through Phoenix, and it worked fine.

    I hope you can fix it. If you need any info from me (like logs or console info) let me know.

  6. TheDonny2014 (verified owner)

    Good day
    First of all thanks for such an amazing mod.
    Just one thing. Are there any planes to update this to 1.44? The way the one for ETS2 has? It’d be a shame to have spent money on this and to have it not work when the base game is updated.

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