deTbiT Terminal Mod ETS2

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For Euro Truck Simulator 2 creates "Bus Companies" by adding bus stations to cities for the game.


It changes all bus and bus stations to "Bus Company" for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It also provides a more realistic gameplay by allowing AI buses to enter and exit bus stations.

You can get your job from the "Freight Market" menu by choosing the ghost trailer suitable for your vehicle. Compatible with the original SCS map. Using the appropriate add-on mode for official map DLCs, you can activate terminals on these maps. You can buy 10 different ghost trailers for different buses as a personal trailer. If the bus you use is suitable, you can also get a job from the "Free Work" menu.

100% compatible with Mercedes Benz O403 Bus Mod made by deTbiT.


Compatibility update for 1.39

45 reviews for deTbiT Terminal Mod ETS2

  1. gascoine1 (verified owner)

    Crash.The Mod not work

    • deTbiT

      The mod is working. You’ve not downloaded license file. Download it from orders page. You can watch

  2. gascoine1 (verified owner)

    I forgot to download the license file. If I load it now via the link it is an application. If I put it in the mod folder, nothing happens.
    what now?

  3. gascoine1 (verified owner)

    this license file is not a zip or scs file and is not recognized in the mod folder. what should i do?

    • deTbiT

      It’s .scs file. Try it with a different browser like Microsoft Edge.

  4. gascoine1 (verified owner)

    great, thank you very much, everything works now.

  5. SalihK (verified owner)

    Eline Sağlık Güzel Olmuş.Çoğu Otobüs Modu İle’de Çalışabiliyor.Bazı Otobüslerde Park Ederken Kabul Etmiyor Ama Çoğunda Sağlıklı Çalışıyor.Hiçbir Hata Almadım Oynarken.Tekrardan Emeğine Sağlık Diyorum 🙂

  6. Thierry NATIVEL (verified owner)

    Bonjour j’ai un probléme avec le bus Mercedes, j’avais commencé ma mission puis j’ai eu un accident et le bus a été réparé. quand je suis reparti en sortant de l’enceinte de réparation le bus pénètre sur la route et n’avance plus, il se penche du coté droit et balance impossible de faire avancer je fais marche arrière et retourne au centre de réparation et là il roule normalement, du j’ai du annulé la mission C’est quoi le problème?????

    donc je recrée une autre mission et là arrivant à la gare routière pour prendre les passagers un bus arrive et bloque ma place en se mettant de travers, donc impossible de prendre les passagers. C”est quoi le problème???
    j’ai bien télé chargé les fichers avec Edge, merci pour votre aide

    • deTbiT

      Vous devez d’abord acheter une remorque de type B pour ce bus. Vous devriez obtenir votre emploi auprès du Cargo Market. Le marché du fret est en test pour le moment. Si tout va bien, peut-être qu’un autre mod est activé. J’ai traduit de l’anglais.

  7. Thierry NATIVEL (verified owner)

    Bonjour, ok je prend note, du coup on ne pas utiliser d’autres types de remorques??
    sinon peut-on utiliser les autres types de remorques sur d’autres bus et est ce que cela marchera avec les autres bus??
    Votre jeu est super, mais encore faut-il profiter des autres remorques;
    Merci de votre aide

  8. Thierry NATIVEL (verified owner)

    bonsoir j’ai pris une remorque type B et le bus bloque et n’avance plus à la sortie de la gare routière. il y a un sacré problème avec votre bus???? c’est décevant et dire que j’ai payé pour un bus qui ne marche pas.
    Au fait c’est quoi le Cargo Market, ou se trouve t-il pour y accéder??? y-a-til un fichier???
    Merci de répondre s’il vous plait????

  9. Burak Akgün (verified owner)

    abi ben satın aldım ve yükledim oyunu açınca 1.38 de atıyor nedenini yazarmısın lütfen

    • deTbiT

      Lisans dosyasını indirmediyseniz atar.

  10. r112586 (verified owner)

    Hello detbit!
    I just purchased, while trying it there is no option to buy the ghost trailers.
    Many Thanks…

  11. r112586 (verified owner)

    No buses in the station enter and exit as per the description.

    • deTbiT

      Are you sure you did everything rigth? If you can’t find the ghost trailers and there are no buses enter and exit to terminal, probably you did something wrong.

  12. AlphaSimmer (verified owner)

    Detbit is this working in the latest version 1.39? thanks

    • deTbiT

      Not yet tested.

  13. Oleg Golmer (verified owner)

    Hi, is it possible to use this bus mod with Promods or with Rusmap?

    • deTbiT

      No, it’s not working.

  14. hladi nicolae (verified owner)

    i want my money back…righy now. is a shit bug. the game is out every time whwn i istall u addon. my money back …quikly .

    • deTbiT

      I think you forgot to download your license file or any other mods can make it crash but mine is not!

  15. hladi nicolae (verified owner)

    does not work … I have tried in all ways I have activated the licenses nothing. the stations do not work. I have all the dlc from europe nothing. is a broke file. i put all the file in mod … i activated all dlc plus licenses nothing the game closes or doesn’t work like in bus mode. DON’T BUY IT’S NOT WORTH IT

  16. Ritz (verified owner)

    It’s not the same free edition as it used to be, and I have to pay my money, but there are too many advertising signs that hurt the atmosphere. I want you to reduce the advertisement sign a little bit 😀

    Other than that, it’s a perfect and flawless thing XD

    • deTbiT

      It will be reduced for surely 🙂

  17. dynamo (verified owner)

    I bought License Vers. 1.39, but unfortunately there are no orders and the bus terminal is displayed as a wrench.
    – Bus available as Scania Touring 1.39
    – Ghost trailer also available
    – no orders in the Cargo Market.
    Request a solution or I want my money back.

    • deTbiT

      It’s normal, because you didn’t download your license mod and activate it on mod manager. If you do it right it’s work without any problem. My mods never crashes and it’s always as described.

  18. mark24 (verified owner)

    Can i run it to my 1.38 version??? thanks

    • deTbiT

      No. It’s working on latest version.

  19. mia (verified owner)

    Great Mod! Thank you!
    Nearly everything is working fine, but I don’t see any passenger in my bus after loading the freight. What do I wrong?

  20. KER0TIN (verified owner)

    Nice Mod. but i have a question, is this a one time purchase like we will not purchase again if ets2 updates its version and this mod updates?

    • deTbiT

      It’s one time purchase. Mod will be updated free.

  21. Inmortal (verified owner)

    It is a good mod recommended I play it in different parts now well detbit for version 1.39 it is no longer necessary to use the license file? or is the license file of the previous version used? greetings

  22. mib_920 (verified owner)

    It’s a good mode. But if you use this mode, you can’t see the truck cargo. Is it supposed to be like this?
    And I think I get too little money to transport passengers.

    • deTbiT

      Yes, it should be because of cargo conflicts. We can fix money later.

  23. Jaypee Nazareno (verified owner)

    I have a question why there is no jobs in cargo market i already download it to orders tab

  24. Jaypee Nazareno (verified owner)

    Nice mode ! One question why my bus dont have people inside

    • deTbiT

      It’s because of bus mod.

  25. rquimiori (verified owner)

    Hi Bro just purchased it and it was working okay. One thing I noticed is that i haven’t seen yet other buses that enter the terminal. I have seen random cars though. Any ideas?

  26. Heru Parwoto (verified owner)

    is it works for other bus mod and size?

    • deTbiT

      Yes, it is. But you have to find which one of the ghost trailers is fit your bus.

  27. dwenski (verified owner)

    Thanks for the fast transaction, once I made the payment, I instantly received the mod. I hope you will have a Christmas or New Year for the Mercedes Benz O403 Bus mode 🙂

  28. michael altoveros (verified owner)

    bus terminal
    beyond the baltic sea
    going east
    road to the black sea
    viva la france says incompatible to my game.i have 1.39 version of the game.

    i can still play the game but when i acces the mod dealer my game crashes.
    i have those license file already.pls help me with this one thank you

    • deTbiT

      Incompatible addons means you don’t have that dlc’s. If you have any problem please ping me on discord.

  29. jzak (verified owner)

    Great everything working fine.the only problem is no more job for the truck? It is all passenger job?

    • deTbiT

      Yes, I can only manage bus jobs like this way.

  30. ashmedbinabdullah (verified owner)

    Hola que tal , bueno como tal el escenario aparece pero .. el problema que tengo esque al tomar un trabajo no me aparece nada , supuestamente ya tengo el remolque fantasma pero aun asi no me aparece , el archivo de license lo coloque en la direccion de mods no se si sea el lugar correcto para colocar dicho archivo , me guie en el video que coloco pero no me funciona saludos !

    • deTbiT

      Please ping me on discord.

  31. saskis40 (verified owner)

    купил только что и пасажиры весят не в автобусе как исправить

    • deTbiT

      Please ping me on discord.

  32. Umut Bozok (verified owner)

    I know this mod from v1.36. I like to drive bus in ETS 2 but when driving by a purpose it is much more satisfying. This mod gave me what I need in ETS 2 in a very simple and effective way. Game is much more enjoyable now. I want to thank to the developer!

  33. wingo44 (verified owner)

    Thanks! great job!

  34. Zeth Bernardino (verified owner)

    hi i cant use the mod it says incompatible can you update it for ver 1.39.2

    • deTbiT

      It’s already updated for 1.39 right now. Most probably you get that message for DLC addons because you don’t have it.

  35. Aree Cruz (verified owner)

    My game crashes and so many bugs, I used version 1.39.2.

    • deTbiT

      There is no bug in my mod. Are you sure you downloaded your license file?

  36. Aree Cruz (verified owner)

    Where to send the video of a bug? I downloaded your license file and paste it in Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod , also selected it in MOD settings.

    • deTbiT or you can reach me via discord. Link is on top of the webpage.

  37. Aree Cruz (verified owner)

    Works fine now! re install the game and deleted the folder Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2, then re-launch the game, thank you for the response. finally I can enjoy this cool mod.

  38. BARCODE13 (verified owner)

    bro can you put logo or name of terminals on the map?

  39. BARCODE13 (verified owner)

    And I want to refund for this item…because I also bought the Mercedes, not knowing that there’s already terminal download in there. Thank you

  40. Christian (verified owner)

    hi I bought deTbiT Terminal Mod ETS2 but I can not use it my game closes than can you help me 🙂

    • deTbiT

      Download your license file from “Account->Orders->View” menu.

  41. Rampalta (verified owner)

    So I tried a ton of buses and just a half worked without a problem, the other half has this problem (, cant position the bus on top of the marking cause it seems the marking is slightly forward and theres usually a fence or some bollards so i cant go more forward! please i need a fix for this, thanks

    • deTbiT

      That’s a problem about those buses. If i take it back then other buses will be stay behind.

  42. Rampalta (verified owner)

    The image shows when you choose the game to automatically go to the green flag for you, (by pressing enter), thats why i suppose the marking is slightly forward

  43. Rampalta (verified owner)

    Honestly not worth 6 usd, not even 3 usd, if you want the mod to work you need to buy that bad looking mercedes he made(so at the end its 13usd? 3 times the base game!), ai buses crash at you crash between them and horn at you for no reason, also did i get the free version? cause every bus stop has billboards of!!

    Theres a good point tho, every city has a working terminal / bus stop, and theres really no other game with the quality of ets so i could say this mod + ets is the best bus sim out there? or is it fernbus (at least fernbus doesnt have a ton of bugs)?

    deTbit is your responsability to make all kind of buses work, else dont try to deceptively say it works with other buses (you could be more clear: like 2/10 buses work to 100%)
    Im thinking on getting a refund.. or maybe not

    • deTbiT

      Hello Rampalta,

      First of all hundreds of people are playing with my “bad looking” mercedes bus already. I didn’t get any complaint about it from “users”. bilboards will be removed at next patch. Reason is that was my website is new and I’ve already shared my mod visuals on my youtube channel about it. I’m selling only what you see on my videos, nothing more or less.

      I don’t think other games are our topic in here because my mods for who choosing to play buses on ETS2 or ATS. Also I have no words like “I will change your game to a bus simulator!”, just want to make it better for people who “choosing” to play with bus on this game.

      Yes, I said “Works with other buses” not “all buses” because bus mods should be fit for my mods. I can’t make it compatible for all buses because people made their mods for their way. If they want their bus mods working on my terminals, they should make it compatible. Also I’ve shared what should they do (just put 5th wheel to middle of the bus) to work on my terminals.

      You can’t get refund because you’ve already download your license file and you get “WHAT I OFFERED”.

      Thanks for your review.

  44. Rampalta (verified owner)

    “(just put 5th wheel to middle of the bus)” thats kind of what i wanted to hear, instead of not my probmel type of answer, although you could just be clear from start.

    “… and you get “WHAT I OFFERED”” well maybe if you had that clarified on terms of use, not the case so … under buyer protection of paypal i can request my refund without a problem, usually if you had the refund part clarified somewhere i would maybe need to send evidence for the refund process, but how things are now i dont think it will be even necessary.

    Maybe i wasnt clear with the bus, its a great bus good work on it, but it looks ugly (just a taste thing, my opinion)

    I do hope this things get solved for the next version although they should have been already solved before making it a paid mod. “Things”: buses crashing, cars on the space I need to park (i waited and they wont move), ads of, unrealistic steering from the buses and if you get close to the passangers on the terminal they dissapear

    In my opinion this is not at the level of a paid mod and im surprised at the ets mod community, but keep it up i hope to see improvements and dont get angry at me 🙂
    Also would be nice some kind of documentation on your website where you explain things such as the 5th wheel or how to change the terminal buses

    • deTbiT

      I’m not angry, don’t get me wrong but I get tons of same questions. I’ve explained everything on my youtube channel. Even if its Turkish, you can easily understand the main topic. Some kind of problems (like disappeared passengers) are because of game mechanics. You can’t find any better solutions both paid or free mods.

      Good games.

  45. PoloSur (verified owner)

    I already play with this mod and is not a scam, (if some people are thinking about it) if u want to play with buses, don’t buy Fernbus, Omsi or other games like that, buy this mod, download some buses or buy the Mercedes, put more mods, like realistic things and enjoy.

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