Isuzu NPR & Mitsubishi Canter Truck Mod

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Isuzu NPR & Mitsubishi Canter truck mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator games.

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Isuzu NPR & Mitsubishi Canter truck mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator games.
The mode supports both DirectX 11 and OpenGL.



Compatibility update.

Fixed pink material issue.
Fixed no cargo issue.
Fixed grey led slots.

Compatibility update.

Compatibility update.

Compatibility update.

Cargo crashing issue has been fixed.

– All sounds made from scratch.
– Cabin sound insulation has been done.
– The Isuzu NPR dashboard has been remodeled from scratch.
– Added Isuzu NPR gauge glass.
– Headlight beams adjusted.
– Brightness and reflection settings of all leds have been adjusted.
– Optimized the engine sound that other players will hear for the convoy.
– The physics of animated mats and mud flaps have been renewed. While it used to look like a fabric, it now looks like rubber as it should be and has a physique.
– Added cabin lighting color options. Warning lights can be switched on and off with the key (default O).
– Mitsubishi Canter Sunshade leds fixed.
– Loads optimized, bugs fixed.
– Added led slots to the mirrors for Mitsubishi Canter.

Compatibility update for 1.42

Online Skin Maker adaptation has been completed.

Compatibility update for 1.41

Errors in the Isuzu NPR dashboard have been fixed.
Missing materials are complete for ATS.
The LEDs have been redesigned not to drop FPS.
Cargo definition was also made to the cities added with DLCs.
The daytime running light has been slotted.

Mitsubishi Canter mod is included in the package.
Isuzu NPR was arranged according to the new light engine.
Leds are arranged.
Sounds for joysticks have been added.

Compatibility update for 1.40

Horn, Air Horn and Reverse sound has been added.

Compatibility update for 1.39

Fixed the problem of appearing pink on the skins. The horn has been added.


4 reviews for Isuzu NPR & Mitsubishi Canter Truck Mod

  1. andresito007 (verified owner)

    You must configure the lights better, they give a lot of lag when you turn them on.ATS 1.40

    • deTbiT

      I will check it. Thank you.

  2. andresito007 (verified owner)

    mirrors are not seen at night

    • deTbiT

      I will check it. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. andresito007 (verified owner)

    the mod cannot be activated in version 1.41, it is incompatible

  4. comandpost (verified owner)

    Hi i just bought the mod but mitsubishi canter doesn’t have sound

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