Isuzu Novo Lux Bus Mod


Isuzu Novo Lux bus mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator games.

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Isuzu Novo Lux bus mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator games.

The completed version of the mod will be released on September 1, 2021. Updates will continue until this date. You can also play it fully in the current pre-sale version. The mod is compatible with terminal mod. You can easily carry passengers with the B type trailer.


Compatibility update.

Compatibility update.

Compatibility update.

Compatibility update.

Compatibility update.

– All sounds made from scratch.
– Added color options for Console and Dashboard.
– Added passenger handle for front door.
– Led and lighting optimization was done.
– Added 3 new skins (ETS Tur, Havaş and Jolly Tur).
– Slot names have been adjusted.
– Pipe and skirt options have been added for Front bumper, Rear bumper and side.
– The appearance and physics of mats and mud flaps have been renewed.
– The windshield has been remodeled.
– Passenger seats were renewed and 3 different covering options were introduced.
– Mother-of-pearl and mahogany coating option has been added to the ventilation covers.
– Added color options for passenger protection bars.
– Travego mirror has been added with plastic and painted options.
– Added chrome bar accessory option on the rear engine cover.
– Under the windshield, plastic coated option has been added to the wiper part.
– Headlight options have been optimized.
– Side signal lamps have been activated.
– Updated vehicle physics.
– The AO coating has been made for the headliner.
– Adjusted engine sounds for convoy.

Compatibility update for 1.42
Mod can be used with O403 now to let you make convoy with 2 buses.

Online Skin Maker adaptation has been completed.
Signal lever direction corrected.
Added Metro Mini and Metro Free skins.
Headlight beams have been adjusted by adding 3 different (Standard, Xenon and Led) headlight options.
In the interior view, the glare on the windows has been removed.
Retarder warning light has been added to the dashboard panel.
Exhaust made optional.
Fixed GPS color.
The directions and names of the slots have been adjusted.

By adjusting the suspension, the front of the vehicle was prevented from hitting the ground during hard braking at high speeds.
Retarder power reduced.
Gear shifts have been improved.
Night/day dark/light adjustment of the horn mirror has been made.
Brake and turn signal lights on the rear window have been activated.
Added swallow to accessory options.
The wire antenna in the front has been remodeled.
Added LED slots to the front bumper.
Added led slots to the front bar.
Led slots or kitt option has been added under the front bar.
Front top lights have been added as an accessory option.
Rear top lights or spoiler option added as accessories.
Added retarder sound.
Added door open/close sound (will be improved when SCS releases parameters).
Added blinker sound.
Added blinker/lights/button sounds.
Added valve sound (will be improved when SCS parameters are released).
The sound of the engine was placed under the floor, at the level of the first row passenger seat.
Added Oben as an accessory option.
Added Neta Satellite dish with sphere and flat option (For now only in vehicle colour).
Rockinger drawbar added with chrome and black option.
Added exhaust modeling.
Added cascading exhaust smoke options.
Added horn sound.
Added air horn sound.

Added rear bumper mat.
Added mudguards.
Daytime running lights adjusted.
The fog light has been adjusted.
Added 1800° steering option.
Added steering options.
Added frame options for analog gauges.

Added animated GPS.
Added reversing camera.
Wheel covers added.
Engine and transmission fixed.


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