• I bought it by money order, why is my order still not confirmed?

Confirmation is given when the transfer is completed and the notification is sent to us. If it’s been a long time, you can get information via mail or discord. In some cases, although it is rare, it can be overlooked due to busyness.

  • I bought the mod, but there are no download links.

Sometimes the download links may not appear due to technical problems on the site. In such cases, send your order number via mail or discord and the solution will be provided.

  • I downloaded the mod, but I can’t see it in the mod manager.

The mod file you downloaded comes compressed with the 7z extension. After downloading 7zip, WinRar etc. With a program, put the scs files in your mod folder. The license file is downloaded with the scs extension, you can directly put it in the mod folder.

  • I downloaded the mod, I activated it in the mod manager, but it does not appear in the mod dealer.

After downloading the mod, you can download the license file by clicking the blue button above the download links when you go to the My Account/Orders section of our site and click on view your order. You need to put the license file you downloaded in the mod folder and activate it from the mod manager.

  • I downloaded both the mod and the license file, put it in the mod folder, activated it from the mod manager. Still my mod is not working.

Some mods have “ATS Patch” file for ATS game. If you activate this mod in ETS2, your mod will not work. Likewise, if you do not activate it in ATS, the mod will not work. Mods without this file will work directly in both games.


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