deTbiT Terminal Mode has been activated for version 1.39. Don't forget to update the mode and your license file!


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  1. How can I activate the license…..I can’t see any passengers in the job list? Please help. Any one has the same problem? A guide or something….?

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out for the past 2 hours on how to use this terminal mod, can anyone help me cause I cant see any jobs on the freight market or even in the cargo market. Please help!

  3. Hi does anyone know whether the bus terminal is compactible with the current promods 2.51 i added it and it opened well but the terminal does not work with the map.

  4. Hi.

    the Golfech-Bordeaux route is impossible to do.
    the game is broken.
    I have tried to remove the mods (not yours) and before reaching the big toll the game breaks.
    at the moment it is the only problem I have found.

    • You should try mate. There is alot of bus mods and I can’t track all of them. Condition is fixed, bus 5th wheel should be at the middle of the bus. You have to ask bus creators to make their buses compatible with my terminals.

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