ETS2 deTbiT Terminal Mode has been adapted to version 1.40. Don't forget to update the mode and your license file!


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  1. Hello,
    I am Vasilis from Greece.
    First all congratulation for your mods.
    I have the 1.39x version but now the 0403 and passengers terminal is red into my version.
    What is going wrong?
    Please I need your help.

  2. HI, How I can have bus? i have purchase mecedez bus mod and base map. When I click mod dealer to purchase bus, I cant find any. Please help

  3. Incompatible with DLC Iberia, I have created a new profile, I have selected a city in Spain (Valencia), I have made the first trip correctly, I want to select to do another job and ets2 closes automatically, an update is required for dlc iberia, in the meantime I leave the company resting: D

  4. I can not find a bus mod that will work with you terminal mod. Can you tell me where I might find a bus that is freeware for your terminal mods. I am using 1.40.

  5. Problem is, that most of the times after delivering passengers, the bus jump into the terminal, and impossible to move… very annoying because I have to load a previos save but most of the times doing the same error…

  6. If you are expericieng it yet, you can use “camera 0” and “ctrl + shift + f9” to a new point in the map after you’ve got the cargo, in order to avoid this conflict

  7. We’re almost in November.
    I just wanna know. Is there any advance on Iberia DLC terminals?
    When do expect it will be released? At least any new version.
    Greetings from Mexico.

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